Woman In India

This client seemed confused at first as to where she was.  She found herself on a dirt road but at first she wasn’t sure what she was doing there and […]

Men on horses

Through Past Life Regression, this man saw himself leading a community of families on horseback to a safer place.  He was unable to communicate as to the reason that they […]

Female Russian WWII Soldier

This young woman found herself in a military uniform during WWII. Upon further questioning, we learn her name is Gertrude and she is standing next to a military vehicle. She feels […]

The Man with No Arms

This client was frustrated upon experiencing his past life during the American Revolutionary period because he simply couldn’t move. It took some time before he realized that he had lost his […]


This client, a man, found himself as a soul occupying a life form which lives primarily in a “waterworld”.  He was surrounded by other water beings and felt completely at […]

French Writer

This young woman saw herself as a writer in France during the 1960s.  She was consumed by her passion for writing and isolated herself from the world while she poured […]

In Between Lives

This woman saw herself in what may have been a period in between lives.  She described herself as radiant, happy, and dressed like a queen.  She was in perfect health, […]

Roman Empire

This woman saw herself as a young soldier wearing the uniform of the Roman Empire.  At first she felt herself as being disoriented, a little afraid, and holding something in […]

Watched Family Slain as Child

This woman saw herself beginning life in the southern region of Spain as a little boy.  Before the age of 7 he was happy and carefree, seeing himself running through […]