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Soul Journeys

Your Extraordinary Journey Begins Here

*Important Announcement*

Due to health issues, I have closed my Virginia Beach office as of June 30, 2023. I plan to re-open in my Chesapeake home office in Fall 2023. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

A New Leaf Hypnosis is Now Offering Journey Between Lives Hypnosis in addition to Past Life Regression

You can read actual Past Life Regressions or Life Between Lives experiences as told to me by my clients during sessions conducted by me in my Virginia Beach office.  Read about these amazing experiences here.

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The term Soul Journeys refers to the eternal life of your soul, from creation, through many incarnations as you grow and mature spiritually.  Many people believe that what your soul  has experienced many past lives, which may affects who you are today, influencing unexplained fears, unusual interests, feelings of   'deja-vu' and many other aspects to your personality.  To help you answer your questions about your immortal soul experiences,  I am dedicated to exploring this exciting  topic using Past Life Regression and  Journey Between Lives sessions in my Virginia Beach office. The benefits to these sessions are individual but may include healing, a renewed purpose, insights into your behaviours and interests today, alleviation of fears and maybe most importantly, an opportunity to meet and communicate with your personal Spirit Guide.  In addition to these, other sessions are available to help you get in touch with your Higher Self, explore Out of Body Experiences, Meet your Spirit Guide, and Tune in to Your Psychic Sensitivity. 

There are those who believe adamantly they lived a past life and those who are skeptical but open to the possibility.  While many people know that reincarnation is a doctrine held by Buddhists and Hindus, what you may not know is that early Christians believed in reincarnation, a fact which was confirmed in 1945 when ancient Christian manuscripts were found in upper Egypt, an area which many early Christians fled to after the invasion of Jerusalem by the Roman Empire.  Even the Bible as it is available today refers to Elijah returning as John the Baptist.

My personal experience with my clients over the years has taken me from a curious skeptic to a believer in past lives.  What is most convincing to me are the similarities of the descriptions my clients share of their soul's life between lives, as well as the lasting impact this experience has upon their lives.  The understanding of an ongoing life as an eternal soul allows them to fully embrace the potential of this life, giving new purpose to their goals and aspirations.

If you are open to the process, you will find this experience will provide you with new insights and knowledge about yourself and the mysteries of the meaning of life. Even once you've left my office, the clarity of this journey will continue to deepen from the time you emerge from a trance state over the next few days and weeks as your mind begins to process and more fully understand the events you've experienced.  The benefits to you of such a path as this will open many insights, understandings, and life possibilities.  If you choose to open the door to this profound experience, I would be honored to be your guide on this journey.

To begin this journey, you may contact me to discuss any questions or concerns you may have, or you can book an appointment by referring to my calendar and downloading the intake. Please confirm your appointment time with me and find my address and location here. I have a dedicated office in a professional building in Virginia Beach.

Text or call me at 757-514-1415 with any questions or concerns. Text is the fastest way to reach me. You can also email me by using the email link below. If you prefer to fill out a form, go to my Contact Page.

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