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Past Life / Journey Between Lives for Facebook Users

Now offering Past Life and Journey Between Lives Sessions to Facebook Fans at a Discounted Rate!

awareness-1052371_1280-1024x684Who Were You Before?
And Who Are You Now?

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Many people believe that what your soul may have experienced in a past life affects who you are today.  I are dedicated to exploring the metaphysical through Past Life Regression and Journey Between Lives Sessions in my Virginia Beach office, through the use of  Hypnosis.

You can read actual Past Life or Life Between Lives Experiences as told to me by my clients during Soul Journey sessions here.

There are those who believe adamantly that they lived a past life, those who are skeptical but open to the possibility,and many who do not believe in past lives.  You may be surprised to learn that early Christians believe in past lives and the Bible we refer to today mentions two such possibilities (Ezekiel and John the Baptist). When I first started offering these sessions, I believed that my clients subconscious minds, which is a creative and powerful force within each of us, was creating a metaphor designed for learning, growing and even healing.  I am now convinced of the validity of Past Lives after working with many clients who were able to recall accurate descriptions that they (and I) otherwise had no knowledge of until we researched it after their sessions. Through my experiences with Past Life Regression, I've come to believe that there is an universal consciousness that most of us are able to tap into to a greater or lesser degree.  What I can tell you is that these experiences are vivid, powerful, meaningful and healing. 

If you allow yourself to be open to the process, you will find that this experience will provide you with new insights and knowledge about yourself and our universe, although often the most profound moments of insight and understanding don’t occur until after you’ve had a few hours or days to process and integrate the experience.  You owe it to yourself to be open to the possibilities and I would be honored to be your guide on the journey. See Facebook Discounted Prices Below.

facebook-fFacebook Specials

Past Life Regression - 60 - 90 minute with recording - $75 (normally $125)

Life Between Lives  - 4 hour sessions on average with recording - $199 (normally $250) If for any reason, this session ends before 90 minutes, you pay only $55, providing that you have first successfully experienced a Past Life Regression with me or anyone else. PLEASE NOTE: It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you experience a Past Life Regression before scheduling a Life Between Lives session.

Other Session Discounts for Facebook Users:

Virtual Gastric Band Protocol (total four sessions with recordings) – $199 (normally $250)
Smoking Cessation Protocol (total 3 hours) - $150 (normally ($175)
One 60 minute session – $60 (normally $65)
Three 60 minute sessions – $140 (normally $150)

Ready to schedule an appointment?  Please choose a time from my calendar and fill out the webform or call / text me at 757-514-1415 to reserve your time slot. Next, please download the intake and email it to me at least 24 hours before your session. (I'll provide you with the email address when you reserve your appointment.)  Check out my location at 5752 Princess Anne Road near the intersection of Princess Anne and Newtown Roads. 

For more information, contact me using the form below or call me at 757-514-1415. Prepare for an extraordinary journey.

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