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Journey Between Lives

Life Between Lives Eternal ClockIn addition to Past Life Regression, A New Leaf Hypnosis now offers Journey Between Lives (JBL) Regressions

Important Note: This session is offered only to those clients who have experienced a successful Past Life Regression


What You Can Expect

After rather lengthy deepening process to ensure an appropriate state of trance, this session will begin with a brief review of a past life, most often your most recent past life.  An important aspect of this past life exploration is the experience of the death scene, which will lead us to the extraordinary journey of your soul's life between lives. From this point forward, your experience will be unique and yet share remarkable similarities to the experiences of others.  During a typical Life Between Lives session, clients will meet their soul guide and their soul group. Many clients are lead through a life review, gaining tremendous insight as to the purpose of their current lives as well as their overall goals throughout their past lives.  A soul's return to the spiritual realm is often experienced as "coming home", particularly upon reuniting with their soul group.   This can be a joyful emotional experience as souls are welcomed back to a place of unconditional love and acceptance.

Journey Between Lives sessions are much longer than typical hypnotherapy sessions, and can often take between three and four hours.  My clients find this experience to be life changing, as they will never look at life or death in the same way again.  Old haunting questions are often put to rest and clients find new meaning and purpose in their lives. When scheduling a Journey Between Lives, please consult my availability and choose a day when there are no other booked slots. If you have difficulty finding a day that works, please feel free to call or text me and I'll be happy to work with your schedule.

Past Life Regressions are also available.



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