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I am writing to give Haven Benjamin my highest recommendations.
A few days ago I had my first and amazing hypnosis session with Haven. I got inspired to do it after I read the books of Dr. Brian Weiss on Past Lives. My friend was seeing Haven already and had very nice experience.
On my first contact with Haven on the phone I got the impression of calm, gentle, serene personality. Sending me the necessary information, forms and availability was prompt and convenient. During the beginning of the session it was so easy to talk to Susan for pretty much anything; even though I was so tired from long stressful day and a little nervous if I am going to be able to relax enough.
Haven explained the procedure, made me feel very comfortable and the session began.
When finished Haven asked me how long I thought it lasted. I still can swear no more than 30 minutes. However the clock showed that I have been there for 2 hours and an half. Haven had the skill and patience to do whatever was necessary so I can have a fulfilling experience and that it was. The stress of the day was gone; my muscles felt like being melted and I had these fascinating images of past memory that were remarkable. I don’t think I would have been able to see anything without Haven guiding me so skillfully.
Thank you Haven for your professionalism, expertise and personal touch!
I look forward for many more sessions like that.
~~Stoyanka Andreeva (Tanya)


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