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What to Expect

Thank you for your interest in scheduling a Past Life Regression with me. Before your session, I think it's important to know in advance what to expect. 

The session starts like any hypnosis session does, with me helping you to achieve a deep state of relaxation. This could take anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. I will be watching for signs that let me know but you are in a deep enough trance to proceed. When it appears to me that you're ready, I will check with you by asking if you are ready to experience a past life. At that point we're ready to begin. 

I will use a metaphor to help you enter a past life. Don't be surprised if at first you feel you must be making this up. That feeling is normal and will not last more than 2 minutes. I will ask questions to help you orient yourself as to time and place. The questions I ask are designed not to lead you in any way. 

Most people, on entering a past life, will tell me that they are somewhere between ages of fifteen to mid-twenties, although that is not a hard-and-fast rule. I have had clients tell me they were very young, perhaps even toddlers, or others who were near the end of their lives as they entered a past life. Nevertheless, for the sake of simplicity, let's assume that you tell me you are seventeen years old.  I will ask you questions about what you see, how you're dressed, your height, your hair, eye, and skin color. I will ask questions about what you see around you, to include any sort of buildings, any people, any landscape clues. I will ask if it is hot or cold, what you are wearing on your feet, if anything, and if you are outdoors, what you are standing on. I will ask you how you travel from one place to another. I will ask you how you spend your day. I will ask you if you know where you live and if you can take me there. I will ask for a description of where you live, where you sleep, and how many people live in the same home with you, as well as your relationships with those people. I will ask you about your source of water, how food is prepared, and what foods you most often eat. Depending on your answers I will continue to ask questions to try to help you get a better idea of when and where you are. Don't worry if you have trouble answering my questions at first. As the session goes on you will remember more and more. After I have asked all the questions I can think of I will ask you if there is anything more here at age seventeen that you would like to explore or learn more about. 

When you feel you have learned all you can at that age I will help you to move forward in this lifetime that you are viewing. You may move forward a day, a month, a year, ten years or even more. In any case I will start asking similar questions to find out whatever we can about this lifetime you are viewing. You may live in the same place or you may have moved. You may live with the same people or you may be on your own, married, or living in another group of people. Again, I will be asking questions about your life, your relationships, and how you spend your days. My questions will vary depending on your answers, but we will explore your life while moving forward after thoroughly exploring each age you end up experiencing.

At some point you will know that the past life you are viewing is nearing its end. When you tell me that, I will ask you to move forward to just a few moments before the end of that lifetime. I will ask you where you are, who is with you, what you are hearing, feeling, and what you think you are dying of. Please be assured that you will not experience any pain during this part of your session. You may feel cold, tired, weak, or even experience a sense of pressure, but you will not feel pain. If you are feeling any discomfort at all I will help you to move outside of your body more quickly. With or without my help you will eventually rise up from your body and hover over the scene and you will be able to tell me what is happening in complete comfort. I will ask you how you feel about your life, about your death, and what you feel was the most important lesson from that lifetime. 

Eventually you will begin to move. Everyone's experience is somewhat different, but you will be able to move into the spiritual realm where you will be greeted by your spirit guide. You will have already provided me with questions you wish to ask on the intake I'll ask you to fill out for me, and I will prompt you as needed. After you have had the opportunity to ask the questions you prepared in advance I will tell you that I will remain silent to give you private time with your spirit guide. I will ask you to let me know when you are ready to leave. At that point I will gently and slowly bring you back to the  current time and place. This is how we will end this session.

Text or call me at 757-514-1415 with any questions or concerns. Text is the fastest way to reach me. You can also email me by using the email link below. If you prefer to fill out a form, go to my Contact Page.

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