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Roman Empire

Roman Empire Past LifeThis woman saw herself as a young soldier wearing the uniform of the Roman Empire.  At first she felt herself as being disoriented, a little afraid, and holding something in her hand.  She was male, taller than average,  alone, somehow separated from the troops. 

Later, after the battle, he found himself as an grown man, the battle behind him.  He was kneeling down by a small hut, only large enough for one person, gazing down a path.  He was poor and alone.  After moving forward along this life's course, he found happiness in discovering that he now has a daughter and his daughter has two children.  He believes his daughter in this life to be his present day daughter.  This is now the year after the fall of the Roman Empire.  He lives with his daughter and her husband and two children in a small hut.  His daughter cooks for him over a wood stove, and she fusses over him, bringing him food.  He is now a field worker, and he works the land owned by his daughter and her husband.  The husband doesn't respect or accept him, but he can ignore that because he is so content to be near his daughter and grandchildren.  He isn't sure what happened to his wife.  From their small home they can look down on the fields and valley's below. 

When he moves forward to his 80s, he finds himself in the home of a neighbor, too frail to move.  His neighbor is a young man who tries to make him comfortable, but he does not know where his daughter or her family is.  Nevertheless, he contents himself in his last hours with his memories of his family, the land, musing on the forest, the fields and the valleys.  He's content and peaceful as he passes from this life.