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This cliPast Life Regression Woman In India Selling Red Onionsent seemed confused at first as to where she was.  She found herself on a dirt road but at first she wasn't sure what she was doing there and she didn't see any other people.  As we followed her along her path she became aware that she was carrying a basket of some sort of produce, which she eventually identified as red onions.  She also described wearing a colorful dress-like garment. When asked to describe the basket, and if she was carrying it on her head or in her hands, she described a woven basket which she carried in her hands.  Eventually she made her way to an open air market where many people from all over the area were selling their goods.  When it was time to go home, she was tired, but happy, with a lighter load and some currency as a result of her day.  Past Life Regression in India - home
I asked her to describe her home once she arrived there and she told me it was a small sparsely furnished home of wood, twigs and straw.  She said it was connected to many other homes.  Once home we met her son, who was a young adult and had been out working through the day.  She had a strong sense of being in India, although she couldn't tell me why she knew.  Later that day, she emailed these photos to me, having learned that India is the second largest exporter of red onions in the world, a fact neither of us was aware of.  I couldn't imagine the homes she was describing, but she found this picture of a home in India, which precisely matched the imagery she saw during her session.  We were unable to determine the date of this lifetime, but the home indicates that she was of a lower economic class.

This client described herself as a young woman in the western region France.  The year was 1942 and when we began the session she was in school. She said that it had become difficult to study in school because so many of her instructors were disappearing. (We later discovered through research that during 1942 Jewish people living in France were rounded up by the Nazi's and effectively "disappeared" from their homes.)
Fast forward two years in this lifetime and she was in love - she and her fiance had decided to leave France because of the war and travel by ship to America.  They were very excited and she believed that they had already booked passage on a ship to the US when tragedy struck.  There were loud sirens and people rushing everywhere.  She and her husband to be made their way to a bomb shelter, but they never made it out.  They were killed instantly in a 1944 bombing, possibly in Normandy.

Men on horsesThrough Past Life Regression, this man saw himself leading a community of families on horseback to a safer place.  He was unable to communicate as to the reason that they were feeling unsafe in their original location, but there was a feeling of urgency - that they must leave there soon.  He was the leader of this community, although it was not clear as to whether he was a spiritual leader or a secular leader, but he did feel that the others in his community respected him and looked to him for guidance.  There were four or five other men in this group who he conferred with when making a decision.  They made slow but steady progress, because there were children in their group, and the pace allowed for even the slowest rider to stay with the group.  At nightfall they stopped and slept under make shift shelters in a meadow setting.  There was a campfire, they shared whatever food they had been able to bring, and my client and the men he trusted planned into the night.  It was in the 1500's and the language spoken was English, although he couldn't be sure where he was.  There were high mountains, running water and the weather was pleasant, although he noted that in the winter they could expect snow.  Eventually they found a local in which to settle, and the men set about building 4 small cabins which they would stay in until they could build a cabin for each family.  My client was again in a position of leadership, overseeing the building and helping out where help was needed.  This was a community of farmers, and using horse pulled plows, they were able to put seed in the ground for a crop which could be harvested before the snow fell.  After experiencing all of this life that he needed to see, I took my client to the time of his death.  He was old, lying in bed feeling tired, weak, and ready for the end of this life.  Although many in his original group had passed already, there were men at his bedside and he could hear women in an adjacent room.  There was much sadness among these people upon his death, as he was still very well respected.  It seemed that he never married.

After leaving his body he was able to view his mourners by the bedside, although his soul did not linger long.  He felt himself traveling up, at first seeing earth from a great distance and then passing heavenly bodies as though passing through the cosmos.  Upon reaching his spiritual home, he was greeted by a large group of souls who he felt he knew but could not name.  There were upwards of 200 souls gathered at a joyous celebration, and he quickly realized that he was the guest of honor.  He was being congratulated and many souls remarked that he "did it", although we never learned what this accomplishment was exactly.  He was so thrilled and felt so much love and joy at this reunion that he soaked up the experience before returning to his normal consciousness and deciding to return for a Life Between Lifes session at a later date.

Past Life Regression Hypnosis, Life Between Lives Hypnosis, LBL, Female Soviet Soldier

This young woman found herself in a military uniform during WWII. Upon further questioning, we learn her name is Gertrude and she is standing next to a military vehicle. She feels horror and remorse as she contemplates her life and we find her at a young age, in large part due to the demands and emotional turmoil brought on by her part in the war.

Upon her death, she returns very quickly to her spiritual home, having no desire to linger on Earth. She is immediately taken to a place of healing where a refreshing liquid rains on her as if she were showering in healing energy. It is a pleasant,  calming experience and it seems to her that she stays in this place of healing for years.

After her energy has been restored and she is feeling refreshed, she is taken to a picnic setting, which turns out to be her meeting with the council of Elders, who appear on a raised dias.  She does not feel condemnation or judgement from this council, but a loving review of her life, during which there is much exchange of thoughts. The Elder in the center of the dias, who appears as an older white man, seems to be in charge of the proceedings. It is at this point that something odd occurs. I, Haven, see a pendant worn by this man. I ask my client if any of the Council members is wearing a pendant and she replies that yes, the man in the middle is wearing a pendant. I asked my client if she can describe the pendant because I'm curious to know if it's the same pendant that I'm seeing. I must admit that I was a bit taken back when her description matched completely with the image I was seeing. Dependent seemed to be amazed which led from the outside to the inside with many paths.   I asked my client if it meant anything to her and she said that she was being shown but there were many ways to reach her goals, but that some would be longer and harder than others.

After the council meeting she was taken to meet her soul members many of whom she recognized both from this life and from her previous life. Among them were family members and she was overjoyed with the reunion.

Soon it came time to choose her next body and her next life. She was given a number of bodies to choose from. Among them were a woman from India, a black African American, and a white male. In the end she was torn between the Indian woman and the black African American but she felt as a black African American woman, she would be in the position learning more about the world and would have the opportunity to become a true world citizen. This is the body and the life she is now living. It was an honor to accompany her on this journey and although she's young in this life,  I believe that she is an old soul.

imageedit_4_6686059322This client was frustrated upon experiencing his past life during the American Revolutionary period because he simply couldn't move. It took some time before he realized that he had lost his arms in the war and was a paraplegic, or possibly even a quadriplegic. He described what may have been a post revolutionary war city in the Northeast,  possibly Boston. His name was Joseph and the only other person who appeared in his recollection was a woman named Mary who had a long braid down her back. His impression was that Mary was his sister, and it appeared that she was his sole caregiver. As Joseph, my client reported seeing a stagecoach and being conveyed on a buck board, with Mary leading the horses while simultaneously keeping a close watch on him. Joseph led a joyless life, being dependent on Mary for most of his needs. He never married and he described himself as stoic, bearing up under his disability with a quiet acceptance.

At the time of his death, Joseph saw himself in a wrought iron bed being tended to by Mary. After his soul left his body, he seemed confused and did not appear to realize that he was now free to move unrestrained by the injuries sustained in his life as Joseph. Eventually he did find himself in a tunnel moving hesitantly towards the spirit realm. Once there, Joseph saw the gateway and was able to watch the souls coming in and out of the initial hub, a feature which appears in many Life Between Lives sessions.  Again, Joseph felt immobile and unsure as he watched the flow of souls. Eventually he spotted a cherub featured being in line to enter the hub of light  beckoning him to join him in line. At that point Joseph found that he was able to float over to this soul, whose name was telepathically communicated to him as Richard. Richard smiled, gestured and inserted an arm or leg into the wall of light, in an attempt to show Joseph that it was safe. Joseph, however fascinated by the process, was never able to make that leap of faith during this session to trust himself to move into the light. Eventually my client, feeling frustrated,  asked to end the session, which we did. Nevertheless , he found the session to be highly impactful on his life and has scheduled a second session,  hoping to fully enter his true home.

Waterworld Past Life HypnosisThis client, a man, found himself as a soul occupying a life form which lives primarily in a "waterworld".  He was surrounded by other water beings and felt completely at ease in a warm sea.  He could see land on which he saw a Greek style temple, but although he felt that he could leave the water and approach the building, he was content to swim and play in this beautiful paradise.  It was not clear to me, or to him, what his purpose was in this life, except to appreciate beauty, to learn how to relax, and to possibly take a break after what may have been a difficult previous incarnation.  Advanced Life Between Lives clients report that there are billions of planets on which to incarnate, including planets with water beings, and planets on which souls do not have corporeal bodies but instead are mental beings, in most cases souls prefer to incarnate on the same planet time and time again unless that planet is no longer inhabitable, or that soul has advanced to the point where they feel prepared to face an unknown environment.  Those souls incarnating on a new planet may have physical challenges, particularly with the immune system.  Is this "waterworld" a vacation spot for souls who need a break from a series of traumatic lives?  That certainly is one interpretation, but there may be others.

Interestingly, this man described having a lower body which appeared similar to that of a fish.  Upon emerging from the trance state, he told me that he could not move his legs. I thought perhaps they were simply numbed by the long session, but he assured me that they were paralyzed and unable to move.  I took him back into a very brief trance state, suggested that his legs could now return to their normal human form, and upon opening his eyes he found that everything was back to normal.  He later wondered if he was in Atlantis, but according to Michael Newton's books, there are worlds consisting primarily of water or a similar fluid in which souls incarnate into fluid dwelling life forms.

French Writer Past Life Hypnosis

This young woman saw herself as a writer in France during the 1960s.  She was consumed by her passion for writing and isolated herself from the world while she poured herself out into her poems, short stories and books.  Every decade of her life found her older, but still passionate about her art, always writing, and always alone.  When we moved forward to the end of her life, she was overwhelmed with regret and sadness, feeling that her writing was meaningless because she was alone.  She had lived alone and was now dying alone.  Her last hours were spent lamenting her choices, and wishing she had married and had children.  This young woman emerged from hypnosis determined not to make that mistake during this present lifetime.

Roman Empire Past LifeThis woman saw herself as a young soldier wearing the uniform of the Roman Empire.  At first she felt herself as being disoriented, a little afraid, and holding something in her hand.  She was male, taller than average,  alone, somehow separated from the troops. 

Later, after the battle, he found himself as an grown man, the battle behind him.  He was kneeling down by a small hut, only large enough for one person, gazing down a path.  He was poor and alone.  After moving forward along this life's course, he found happiness in discovering that he now has a daughter and his daughter has two children.  He believes his daughter in this life to be his present day daughter.  This is now the year after the fall of the Roman Empire.  He lives with his daughter and her husband and two children in a small hut.  His daughter cooks for him over a wood stove, and she fusses over him, bringing him food.  He is now a field worker, and he works the land owned by his daughter and her husband.  The husband doesn't respect or accept him, but he can ignore that because he is so content to be near his daughter and grandchildren.  He isn't sure what happened to his wife.  From their small home they can look down on the fields and valley's below. 

When he moves forward to his 80s, he finds himself in the home of a neighbor, too frail to move.  His neighbor is a young man who tries to make him comfortable, but he does not know where his daughter or her family is.  Nevertheless, he contents himself in his last hours with his memories of his family, the land, musing on the forest, the fields and the valleys.  He's content and peaceful as he passes from this life.


Family Slaughtered experienced during Past Life RegressionThis woman saw herself beginning life in the southern region of Spain as a little boy.  Before the age of 7 he was happy and carefree, seeing himself running through the meadows, picking flowers and chasing butterflies.  All that changes in a single day when he was 7 years old.

Soldiers dressed in black came through his village, destroying everything and killing everyone, shouting in an unfamiliar language.  His mother, father and sister were killed during the attack but at the urging of his mother he hid from the soldiers.  From his hiding place he could see smoke as the buildings and bodies were being burned.  He was lost with no where to go and a heaviness in his heart. He makes the conscious decision that he will never love again because he doesn't want to take the risk of the heartbreak of losing someone he loves again.  He is going to lead a solitary life.

He wanders around aimlessly for a while, nourishing himself only on whatever berries or edible plants he can find.  When he finds another village he steals bread, but stays hidden and apart.  As he grows older and more adept at stealing to sustain himself, he begins to look on those he pilfers from as small minded, naive people who are living meaningless lives, just going through the motions.  He fails to see beauty in anything, he fails to acknowledge love or kindness as anything but silly and naive.  He feels bitterness and even a sense of superiority over all he meets, believing that he is wise to avoid relationships and they are stupid to find any purpose in life. He doesn't understand these people with their small lives and he believes himself to be an observer, even a philosopher, with much more understanding and wisdom than those he observes.  He has no home, he travels and sleeps wherever he can find shelter outside, far away from people.

When he moves forward in time to his death scene he finds himself in a wooden building which he understands to be a hospital dedicated to sheltering the poor, the homeless, and the dying.  There are rows of makeshift beds with dirty sheets, staffed by women who give water to those who are unable to drink by themselves and check foreheads for fevers.  There he dies unnoticed, un-mourned, unloved.