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Female Russian WWII Soldier

Past Life Regression Hypnosis, Life Between Lives Hypnosis, LBL, Female Soviet Soldier

This young woman found herself in a military uniform during WWII. Upon further questioning, we learn her name is Gertrude and she is standing next to a military vehicle. She feels horror and remorse as she contemplates her life and we find her at a young age, in large part due to the demands and emotional turmoil brought on by her part in the war.

Upon her death, she returns very quickly to her spiritual home, having no desire to linger on Earth. She is immediately taken to a place of healing where a refreshing liquid rains on her as if she were showering in healing energy. It is a pleasant,  calming experience and it seems to her that she stays in this place of healing for years.

After her energy has been restored and she is feeling refreshed, she is taken to a picnic setting, which turns out to be her meeting with the council of Elders, who appear on a raised dias.  She does not feel condemnation or judgement from this council, but a loving review of her life, during which there is much exchange of thoughts. The Elder in the center of the dias, who appears as an older white man, seems to be in charge of the proceedings. It is at this point that something odd occurs. I, Haven, see a pendant worn by this man. I ask my client if any of the Council members is wearing a pendant and she replies that yes, the man in the middle is wearing a pendant. I asked my client if she can describe the pendant because I'm curious to know if it's the same pendant that I'm seeing. I must admit that I was a bit taken back when her description matched completely with the image I was seeing. Dependent seemed to be amazed which led from the outside to the inside with many paths.   I asked my client if it meant anything to her and she said that she was being shown but there were many ways to reach her goals, but that some would be longer and harder than others.

After the council meeting she was taken to meet her soul members many of whom she recognized both from this life and from her previous life. Among them were family members and she was overjoyed with the reunion.

Soon it came time to choose her next body and her next life. She was given a number of bodies to choose from. Among them were a woman from India, a black African American, and a white male. In the end she was torn between the Indian woman and the black African American but she felt as a black African American woman, she would be in the position learning more about the world and would have the opportunity to become a true world citizen. This is the body and the life she is now living. It was an honor to accompany her on this journey and although she's young in this life,  I believe that she is an old soul.