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The Man with No Arms

imageedit_4_6686059322This client was frustrated upon experiencing his past life during the American Revolutionary period because he simply couldn't move. It took some time before he realized that he had lost his arms in the war and was a paraplegic, or possibly even a quadriplegic. He described what may have been a post revolutionary war city in the Northeast,  possibly Boston. His name was Joseph and the only other person who appeared in his recollection was a woman named Mary who had a long braid down her back. His impression was that Mary was his sister, and it appeared that she was his sole caregiver. As Joseph, my client reported seeing a stagecoach and being conveyed on a buck board, with Mary leading the horses while simultaneously keeping a close watch on him. Joseph led a joyless life, being dependent on Mary for most of his needs. He never married and he described himself as stoic, bearing up under his disability with a quiet acceptance.

At the time of his death, Joseph saw himself in a wrought iron bed being tended to by Mary. After his soul left his body, he seemed confused and did not appear to realize that he was now free to move unrestrained by the injuries sustained in his life as Joseph. Eventually he did find himself in a tunnel moving hesitantly towards the spirit realm. Once there, Joseph saw the gateway and was able to watch the souls coming in and out of the initial hub, a feature which appears in many Life Between Lives sessions.  Again, Joseph felt immobile and unsure as he watched the flow of souls. Eventually he spotted a cherub featured being in line to enter the hub of light  beckoning him to join him in line. At that point Joseph found that he was able to float over to this soul, whose name was telepathically communicated to him as Richard. Richard smiled, gestured and inserted an arm or leg into the wall of light, in an attempt to show Joseph that it was safe. Joseph, however fascinated by the process, was never able to make that leap of faith during this session to trust himself to move into the light. Eventually my client, feeling frustrated,  asked to end the session, which we did. Nevertheless , he found the session to be highly impactful on his life and has scheduled a second session,  hoping to fully enter his true home.