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Waterworld Past Life HypnosisThis client, a man, found himself as a soul occupying a life form which lives primarily in a "waterworld".  He was surrounded by other water beings and felt completely at ease in a warm sea.  He could see land on which he saw a Greek style temple, but although he felt that he could leave the water and approach the building, he was content to swim and play in this beautiful paradise.  It was not clear to me, or to him, what his purpose was in this life, except to appreciate beauty, to learn how to relax, and to possibly take a break after what may have been a difficult previous incarnation.  Advanced Life Between Lives clients report that there are billions of planets on which to incarnate, including planets with water beings, and planets on which souls do not have corporeal bodies but instead are mental beings, in most cases souls prefer to incarnate on the same planet time and time again unless that planet is no longer inhabitable, or that soul has advanced to the point where they feel prepared to face an unknown environment.  Those souls incarnating on a new planet may have physical challenges, particularly with the immune system.  Is this "waterworld" a vacation spot for souls who need a break from a series of traumatic lives?  That certainly is one interpretation, but there may be others.

Interestingly, this man described having a lower body which appeared similar to that of a fish.  Upon emerging from the trance state, he told me that he could not move his legs. I thought perhaps they were simply numbed by the long session, but he assured me that they were paralyzed and unable to move.  I took him back into a very brief trance state, suggested that his legs could now return to their normal human form, and upon opening his eyes he found that everything was back to normal.  He later wondered if he was in Atlantis, but according to Michael Newton's books, there are worlds consisting primarily of water or a similar fluid in which souls incarnate into fluid dwelling life forms.