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Men on horsesThrough Past Life Regression, this man saw himself leading a community of families on horseback to a safer place.  He was unable to communicate as to the reason that they were feeling unsafe in their original location, but there was a feeling of urgency - that they must leave there soon.  He was the leader of this community, although it was not clear as to whether he was a spiritual leader or a secular leader, but he did feel that the others in his community respected him and looked to him for guidance.  There were four or five other men in this group who he conferred with when making a decision.  They made slow but steady progress, because there were children in their group, and the pace allowed for even the slowest rider to stay with the group.  At nightfall they stopped and slept under make shift shelters in a meadow setting.  There was a campfire, they shared whatever food they had been able to bring, and my client and the men he trusted planned into the night.  It was in the 1500's and the language spoken was English, although he couldn't be sure where he was.  There were high mountains, running water and the weather was pleasant, although he noted that in the winter they could expect snow.  Eventually they found a local in which to settle, and the men set about building 4 small cabins which they would stay in until they could build a cabin for each family.  My client was again in a position of leadership, overseeing the building and helping out where help was needed.  This was a community of farmers, and using horse pulled plows, they were able to put seed in the ground for a crop which could be harvested before the snow fell.  After experiencing all of this life that he needed to see, I took my client to the time of his death.  He was old, lying in bed feeling tired, weak, and ready for the end of this life.  Although many in his original group had passed already, there were men at his bedside and he could hear women in an adjacent room.  There was much sadness among these people upon his death, as he was still very well respected.  It seemed that he never married.

After leaving his body he was able to view his mourners by the bedside, although his soul did not linger long.  He felt himself traveling up, at first seeing earth from a great distance and then passing heavenly bodies as though passing through the cosmos.  Upon reaching his spiritual home, he was greeted by a large group of souls who he felt he knew but could not name.  There were upwards of 200 souls gathered at a joyous celebration, and he quickly realized that he was the guest of honor.  He was being congratulated and many souls remarked that he "did it", although we never learned what this accomplishment was exactly.  He was so thrilled and felt so much love and joy at this reunion that he soaked up the experience before returning to his normal consciousness and deciding to return for a Life Between Lifes session at a later date.