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Woman In India

This cliPast Life Regression Woman In India Selling Red Onionsent seemed confused at first as to where she was.  She found herself on a dirt road but at first she wasn't sure what she was doing there and she didn't see any other people.  As we followed her along her path she became aware that she was carrying a basket of some sort of produce, which she eventually identified as red onions.  She also described wearing a colorful dress-like garment. When asked to describe the basket, and if she was carrying it on her head or in her hands, she described a woven basket which she carried in her hands.  Eventually she made her way to an open air market where many people from all over the area were selling their goods.  When it was time to go home, she was tired, but happy, with a lighter load and some currency as a result of her day.  Past Life Regression in India - home
I asked her to describe her home once she arrived there and she told me it was a small sparsely furnished home of wood, twigs and straw.  She said it was connected to many other homes.  Once home we met her son, who was a young adult and had been out working through the day.  She had a strong sense of being in India, although she couldn't tell me why she knew.  Later that day, she emailed these photos to me, having learned that India is the second largest exporter of red onions in the world, a fact neither of us was aware of.  I couldn't imagine the homes she was describing, but she found this picture of a home in India, which precisely matched the imagery she saw during her session.  We were unable to determine the date of this lifetime, but the home indicates that she was of a lower economic class.