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This has to have been the most difficult Past Life Regression session I have ever done. For context, my client was a Caucasian woman, but for the purposes of retelling this experience I will be referring to the person describing this account as a male.

My client told me that he was a 17 year old black male with a fraternal twin sister. His sister was extraordinarily beautiful and he felt that he had to try to escape with his sister to free her. He had somehow made contact with someone from an underground railroad group, which, to my surprise, was taking slaves to Mexico. I later researched this subject and found that there actually was an underground railroad which comported slaves to Mexico. They had a pre-determined day and place to meet.

The day of the scheduled escape turned out to be a day with hurricane conditions. He didn't know if it was the weather that delayed or prevented his contact from meeting them, but when he and his sister arrived there, no one was waiting. They searched for the contacts as long as possible, but decided at some point, that they needed to keep moving as it was almost certain that their absence had been discovered.

They continued in the direction they believed to be towards Mexico, still hoping to find their contact who would shepherd them to safety. The torrential rain and wind made progress slow. In time they came to a river which he felt that they had to cross. He was able to swim but she was not. Because he was a strong swimmer he believed that he would be able to swim while holding onto his sister, but he didn't count on the storm's effects on the water. He was partway across when he lost hold of his sister. He tried unsuccessfully to find and retrieve her until his strength was spent. He then swam to the other side of the river and sat down and cried. He was overcome with guilt over having tried to escape, over setting out despite the storm, over having tried to cross the river. He was paralyzed by guilt and regret. He struggled with the decision he'd made. He felt that life no longer had meaning. He was ready to give up and wait for the slave holders to capture him. Some time passed as he cried, alone in the storm, wracked by guilt.

Eventually he got to his feet and moved forward, one foot in front of the other, trudging agonizingly towards what he hoped to be safety. Before long he came to a steep ravine. Still pummeled by rain he attempted to climb down, the only way forward. The sides of the ravine were muddy and slick, and he lost his grip, falling down the steep side, hurting one of his legs in the process. He tried to climb up the other side but his injured leg would not hold any weight and the slick mud compounded his difficulty. Eventually he gave up and decided to try recover before trying again. It was shortly after he had given in to exhaustion when he heard the dogs. He was almost relieved that his ordeal was at its end, ready to the inevitable punishment and return to his life of captivity, hard labor and harsh treatment.

His captors pressed him for the whereabouts of his sister. He insisted that she had drowned in the river, but his captors did not believe him and pressed him harder, whipping and otherwise torturing him, demanding to know where his sister was. It was no use. He stuck to the truth, the only answer he could give. It wasn't clear whether or not he was eventually believed, but in any case it was determined that they would use him as an example to any other of the slaves who might be thinking about trying to escape. He was burned alive.

As horrific as this was, his soul left his body before his death, indeed, before the physical pain was felt. He was still suffering emotionally over the death of his sister. He lingered over his past body for some time, unable to forgive himself. Eventually his soul began its journey to his eternal home.

It is at this point that the recollection becomes very interesting and quite unusual. Typically the first entity a returning soul will meet when returning home will be his or her spirit guide. This soul did have the opportunity to meet his spirit guide, but was first met by the spirit of his sister. The moment he saw her he was again overwhelmed by the emotion of his feeling that he had let his sister down; had led her to her death. She, however, made it clear to him that she felt grateful to him for she had actually escaped from this life of bondage. She was feeling very sorry that he had suffered so much for her. She told him how much she loved him and how thankful she was for him leading her to the ultimate in freedom. The freedom of returning to her spiritual home. The two reunited, both filled with a love that is indescribable by our standards. They embraced one another in a near merging of their souls.

Once this reunion and resulting healing was complete, he was able to let go of his guilt and meet with his ever loving spirit guide.

As I said in the introduction to this account, this is the toughest session I have ever had the honor of conducting, but it was also a powerful reminder that however difficult life becomes, each lifetime is a fleeting experience when considered from the perspective of the eternity of our souls and will be instructive as we continue to learn and evolve into a more mature and humble soul.