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WWII France 1942

This client described herself as a young woman in the western region France.  The year was 1942 and when we began the session she was in school. She said that it had become difficult to study in school because so many of her instructors were disappearing. (We later discovered through research that during 1942 Jewish people living in France were rounded up by the Nazi's and effectively "disappeared" from their homes.)
Fast forward two years in this lifetime and she was in love - she and her fiance had decided to leave France because of the war and travel by ship to America.  They were very excited and she believed that they had already booked passage on a ship to the US when tragedy struck.  There were loud sirens and people rushing everywhere.  She and her husband to be made their way to a bomb shelter, but they never made it out.  They were killed instantly in a 1944 bombing, possibly in Normandy.